Friday Media Prep: Zen AF

Have you ever seen images of a cat following a laser light on the wall? Frantically swiping at the apparition like it can be captured only to work itself into a tizzy? That’s me with this phone! When I’m not working or practicing a few minutes of self-care I am absolutely GLUED to my mobile partner in crime. Twitter is my main vice of the moment – I can scarce remember the years before my timeline. With every bit of breaking news I am thrust back into the maelstrom, terrified I might miss out on something. In all honesty, I think I get a sense of power from feeling like I know every little thing going on in  the world at large. But, what does that matter if my blood pressure is high and I can’t muster enough self-control to slow down? So, this weekend I’m putting myself first and committing to the art of relaxation. I can’t guarantee I’ll be phone-free, but I can promise I won’t be a ball of nerves!

I want to share two videos that I’m really digging right now. As I go deeper into learning how to meditate and practice mindfulness, I’ve been grateful for the peace of mind they’ve given me. The first is from Holistic Habits on Youtube, who shares some of her tips for a healthy night of sleep (something I could use right about now). Second, is a lovely – and long – musical video dedicated to helping you unwind and relax. Enjoy!

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