A Nightly Winter Skincare Routine (That Has Saved My Face)

I used to find my face so inconvenient. It scars easily, it’s too dark to some, I get pimples in crazy places, and hair removal makes it explode into an atlas of bumps. There was nothing great to me about my own personal flesh suit, so for years I just avoided it all together. You […]

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ZIIP Beauty Nano Device: Is It For You?

by Jesse Kadjo I am a certified skincare junkie. I have suffered from chronic acne since I was 13, which immediately sends you on a quest for relief. After trying every acne and skincare product Walgreens had to offer, I graduated to the good stuff. I tried Biologique Recherche’s famed P50 Lotion after reading about […]

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Girl. Let’s talk about Finipil

This might sound masochistic, but I enjoy getting waxed. Upper lip, underarms, legs – I’m here for it all, because I like the way my skin feels after. Now, we could dive into a discussion about body hair and sexist perceptions of femininity, but today we’ll stick to the fact that I like myself more […]

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