My Delicious October Mood Board

Pumpkin pies. Ghost stories. Golden leaves. HOCUS POCUS!!! October is absolutely my favorite month (followed closely by December), so today is a day of skeletal, pumpkin-spiced celebration! When I was a child, my little bro and I would go wild with the scary films and candy. We had The Nightmare Before Christmas playing on a […]

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Your August 2018 Mood Board

I wake up in a cold sweat the first day of August. This happens every year, without fail. I jolt from my bed in a total state of terror that I’ve forgotten my homework or am running late for practice. I think spending all that time procrastinating, then rushing around, is to blame for my […]

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Your July 2018 Mood Board

These days it’s hard to stay afloat. We’re a few steps closer to the end of the summer months, bad news keeps rolling in, and now “Lit” is officially dead. Yet, there is still hope just on the other side of the pain. If you’re struggling with the heartache of living in a world that doesn’t […]

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