Fall 2020 Mood Board

Spooky. Open. Ready. Bold.

That’s how I’m feeling right now, as I greet the arrival of my favorite season. In all fairness I’m a few weeks early for Fall, but why wait? I don’t delight in the coming of amber leaves and chilled air for the drinks and fashion; I come alive in this season due to the magical potential just visible around the corner.

Historically, this season has represented harvest and abundance. It’s a time for reaping (in the food sense not the dead sense) and joy. Fall is when we get to rest and rediscover what we live for, be it family, or something else. Fall is a reminder to prepare ourselves not only for the chill but the thaw. There’s still life to live on the other side.

Today I wanted to share some images that capture what I’m feeling, how I’m living, and what I value: love, fear, beauty, life, death, sustenance, and the unknown. All push us forward and give us perspective. What is inspiring you? Who will you become on the other side?

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