Friday Media Prep: Full Bellies and Fuller Hearts

Every Friday we will feature the inspiring books, movies, TV shows, and other works of art you have to check out. Please share your suggestions below!

I have had quite the hectic week, with little time to do things for myself like writing here, but I’m so happy to be able to share this week’s Media Prep! It’s short and sweet, yet still worth a look. I hope you enjoy!


Salvation: Black People and Love  by bell hooks

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Some books change everything once you’ve finished them, while others reawaken the forgotten parts of your soul. Salvation by bell hooks is both. This exploration of love in the Black community – how it’s shown, obstructed and cultivated – untangled so many knots in my heart that I couldn’t bring myself to put it down.

Bell Hooks Love GIF


“The Heart of A Home: Howl’s Moving Castle” by Sarah Welch-Larson

Howl's Moving Castle | art by Tony Stella
Art by Tony Stella via Bright Wall/Dark Room

Home is in the belly and the heart in the world of Ghibli. The films they’ve created hold a permanent place in my heart, especially Howl’s Moving Castle. I first saw the film last year and immediately became obsessed with the story, the richness of the color, and the food, which you’ll read about in the article. I never realized how cozy a story can become through something as commonplace as food, but now I’ll never look at the world the same.

You can read the article [here]



Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Related image

It’s no secret around these parts that I love superheroes, so my #1 movie recommendation for this week is (obviously) going to be all about Spidey! It’s not a totally biased suggestion though, thanks to the outstanding reviews that have poured in. I think it’ll serve as a great diversion as well as a reminder that we can all be heroes in our own worlds.

That’s all for this week!

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