Fate or Freedom? How Astrology Keeps Me Hopeful

For every ten people you meet, five of them are lying about not being into Astrology. Whether we like it or not, there’s a little chord in our minds, tiny yet resilient, which reverberates when struck by the cosmically curious. It’s what keeps us coming back for more information about Roanoke, the Bermuda Triangle, and aliens. To some, that chord is a nuisance, but I would challenge you to look at it as a gift. After all, without that finely tuned string we wouldn’t have fire, the wheel, or tacos. It’s the root cause of all those itches you never get fully scratched.

My favorite pesky itch is the art of Astrology. The zodiac, moon phases, power of the sun, seasons – I dig it all. I spent most of my teenage years reading the horoscopes at the back of Cosmopolitan magazine and pretending I understood the sex tips, because I wanted to believe there was a reason for literally every single thing I did or experienced. As a survivor, reason made pain a concept I could work with, a sort of building block to a brighter tomorrow. I ate up my horoscope – every promise of “great wealth” and “stormy waters” provided excitement in an otherwise mundane existence.

Now that I’m older, and working on the wiser part, I love Astrology for a much different reason. What used to give me comfort for its absolutes and certainties when I was a teen currently puts me at ease due to the open-ended nature of interpretation. I think of it in the same terms as DNA: I’m born with attributes that can make things easier or more difficult, but in the end I still get to decide what to do with it all. I might be a firey Scorpio, who doesn’t like to share loved ones or secrets, but I still get to learn and grow into my own person. Through learning about Astrology, I’m working on learning more about myself in order to make different decisions. I believe in fate to the extent that we all will experience happiness and sorrow, life and death. Beyond those certainties, I think we’re all just working on gathering more tools to determine our paths for ourselves.

If you like Astrology? Cool! If not? That’s cool, too! If you want to learn more about the art of celestial divination (don’t you roll those eyes!) visit astrology.com and see what you think. I recently watched the video below from CUT of an Astrologer guessing people’s zodiac signs based on their appearance. It’s entertaining and enlightening, which is pretty good for a Monday! Enjoy!

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