Your July 2018 Mood Board

These days it’s hard to stay afloat. We’re a few steps closer to the end of the summer months, bad news keeps rolling in, and now “Lit” is officially dead.

Yet, there is still hope just on the other side of the pain. If you’re struggling with the heartache of living in a world that doesn’t always make sense or seem fair, today’s post is here as a reminder of our resilience, our inherent right to joy, and the power you hold to make a difference. These images might inspire you to stand up to sexual assault and toxic masculinity like Terry Crews, take to the streets on behalf of missing children , or strive in your daily life to broaden your horizon. Above all things, I hope you’re inspired to live the life you want.

What is inspiring you today?

All images via Adobe Spark


MIzani, NAHA 2017


Billy & Hells for TIME


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